Well here's the most obvious thing you'll read all day. Like, this isn't even a confirmed story, but does it need to be? Is there any doubt that Leonardo DiCaprio​, on the same day news broke that he and 24-year-old model girlfriend Kelly Rohrbach had broken up, was spotted living it up Ja Rule-style with a throng of nameless, bikini-clad beauties? Come on, man. Grow up.

Per Page Six, Leo (and Pussy Posse bro 4eva Lukas Haas) were kicking it in St. Barts at the club Nikki Beach, "surrounded by a gaggle of blondes and brunettes in bikinis." It sounds like many in this so-called "gaggle" were wise to Leo's newfound liberty, because many of the girls were "reportedly trying their best—decked out in bikinis and all trying to act like the life of the party, dancing on tables and toasting with rosé." One girl even wore an American flag bikini, a detail that I don't know why Page Six categorizes as attention-seeking, as if Leo is some kind of horny Uncle Sam.

However, despite Nikki Beach being packed to the gills with BABES, Leo, who aside from Kelly Rohrbach also just got out of a relationship with a bear, was reportedly unphased. He had other interests: "Leo was smiling at a vintage photo of himself at [Nikki Beach] that was taken at its opening, in 2001."