Lena Dunham has been campaigning hard for Hillary Clinton, and the Girls creator wants you to know that it's not because she's a woman.

Dunham's support for Clinton is nothing new, however. The writer, director, and actress interviewed the Democratic candidate for her Lenny newsletter way back in October. But on Saturday Dunham spoke at two campaign events for Clinton in Iowa and, in one of them, made it clear that her politics have little to do with gender. 

“Nothing gets me angrier than when someone implies I’m voting for Hillary Clinton simply because she’s female,” Dunham said to a crowd. “[It’s] as if I have some feminist version of beer-goggles, lets call it ‘estrogen blindness’, and I just kind of walk like a zombie towards the nearest vagina. This assumption is condescending at best and it is sharply misogynistic at worst.”

So why is Dunham voting for Clinton? Well, she says it's because she agrees with her politics, knows her track record, and "a little bit because of her pantsuits." 

According to the Guardian, Dunham was in Iowa to encourage women to vote. She admitted to not voting in an election until four years after she legally could.

“I’m embarrassed to say this but it took me far too long to start voting,” she said. “I had been of legal age for more than four years before I cast my first vote in the 2008 presidential election.