As previously reported, The Walking Dead remains a show on television that people watch. In fact, many millions of people have consistently given AMC something to brag about since the series premiered nearly six years ago. Within those many millions of people, a powerful group of Dead heads have spent the better part of the past month absolutely losing their collective mind about the fate of Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan).

With the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead now just weeks away, Cohan decided to stop by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to completely clear the air regarding her internet-breaking new haircut. Of course, by "clear the air," we mean that Cohan didn't really confirm or deny anything during her conversation with Kimmel. She did, however, propose that her new hair may in fact be the result of a zombified Edward Scissorhands.

Peep the most recent Dead teaser below, but only after you've seen Cohan's new movie The Boy and have successfully presented a conspiracy theory regarding how the events of that film directly impact the plight of Maggie Greene: