One of the highlights of this season of Saturday Night Live is Larry David's recurring gig as presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. It's probably why the SNL team decided that it's about time the Curb Your Enthusiasm creator hosts the show himself. 

David actually wrote for Saturday Night Live back in the day. He was billed as a writer from 1984-1985, but only got one sketch on the show, which aired at 12:50, the show's last time slot. At some point afterwards, he quit writing for SNL, but immediately regretted it and showed up to NBC like nothing had happened. This weird event inspired an episode of Seinfeld titled "The Revenge," which follows George Constanza quitting his job after he's banned from using the executive toilet.  

Despite his brief writing stint, Feb. 6 will mark the first time David has ever hosted. He's made some appearances throughout the years, including a bit from 1984 where he is heard interrupting actor Michael McKean, but has never managed to land the gig until now. We're certain he'll appear as Sanders at some point, but we're also excited to see what else he'll get to do. 

In addition to David, the musical guest for that night will be The 1975.