Brought to you by Facts, not to be confused for the new 'Ye song, a group of Irish victims people has been subjected to the torture that is watching Fox News. Reacting to the network's greatest (read: worst) hits these people can't help but laugh at the absurdity of what Bill O'Reilly and the rest of the Fox News cast of characters gets away with saying on television—like calling the President of the United States a word that rhymes with "wussy." The video begins with one of the viewers fittingly describing Fox News: "It's Donald Trump, turned into a news station." Do we smell a new Fox News slogan?

Watch as these people are completely baffled and appalled by four Fox News clips in which:

  • Sexual assault in the military is declared inevitable when men and women are together because men just can't keep it in their pants. Silly women for wanting to be in the military and not in the kitchen. 
  • Bill O’Reilly first calls a black Columbia University professor a pinhead and then says he looks like a "cocaine dealer." 

  • Someone finally (FINALLY!) comes up with a plan to defeat ISIS: bomb it all. "Innocent civilians? Bomb them" one of the viewers says satirically about the clip.  

  • Geraldo Rivera gives a parenting pro-tip: Don't let your kids go out in hoodies if they're Latino or black because the hoodie was "as much responsible for Trayvon Martin's death as George Zimmerman."  

Check out what the viewers think about Fox News, which they say seems like satirical site The Onion, above.