Unlike Cher Horowitz, Canadian drivers hit with a speeding ticket might be able to argue their way out of it for a very valid reason. CBC News reports that police forces throughout the country have been using different testing routines on the same equipment, marking for inconsistent measures of speed. This puts the validity of millions of tickets and fines into question.

Typically, radar equipment is tested for accuracy through a pair of pronged metal pieces that vibrate whoever tapped. The resulting frequency imitates a speed which should be mirrored on the radar. However, not all police departments use these metal devices because of arguments that the technology is obsolete. 

Because of these inconsistencies, people in Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories have challenged their speeding tickets and successfully got them dismissed. "I honestly believe that this is a huge fraud," Toronto lawyer Dannial Baker said.  "I think a lot of people got convicted when they shouldn't have been convicted."

Don’t get too excited, Americans. The test in mandatory in the U.S.