It's sad that the quickest way to make a buck or get your name in every tabloid across the country is to release a sex tape. That's why it's no surprise that Hustler, the famous porn company, has penned a letter to new couple Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna to see if they'd be down to, you know, make a video. 

While it seems like yesterday that we learned the sole Kardashian bro and Chyna, who is best known for days modeling and now for owning a beauty salon, are dating, things are clearly moving fast enough that Hustler thought it was worth reaching out. 

TMZ acquired the letter, signed by publisher Larry Flynt, that gives clearer details on his proposal.

"Considering your fan base and popular appeal, we think you would be excellent candidates for this type of venture, and believe that, if you make such a video with us, you could earn up to one million dollars or more," the letter reads.

I doubt the money is enticing for either of the figures, and I'm pretty certain Kardashian, who is best known for appearing on Keeping up with the Kardashians alongside his sisters and for creating his own sock line, is a private dude.

In terms of fame, both still do pretty well for themselves, and a sex tape probably wouldn't be what Chyna wants after being arrested last week in Texas. It's better that things simmer down for awhile.

Still, I'm sure they think it's sweet of Hustler to think of them as they learn to navigate the rough waters of a high profile relationship.