Speaking of shattered bromances, we already know that Tony Stark's and Steve Rogers' goes down the tubes in Captain America: Civil War. Plenty of teasers have been released showing the two at each others' throats (with occasional appearances by other Avengers and Bucky, the cause of all this infighting), but so far one key player has been noticeably absent: Spider-Man. 

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo are on record saying their Spidey (played by young actor Tom Holland) will be different than any other that's appeared in Marvel films, but they refused to pin down exactly how he ends up in league with the fractured Avengers or exactly what role he plays.

However, Geek.com claims to have the full story. According to "a source close to the film," Peter Parker enters the fray thanks to Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), who's been keeping tabs on the web-slinging teen:

Spider-Man is going to be fighting with Team Tony (at least at first). It appears that Tony Stark, ever one to keep a watchful eye on the who’s who of the super world, took note of a certain young genius and his superhuman abilities, which makes sense, given all the SHIELD files he had access to. He’s probably been keeping tabs on Peter Parker since he first started his career as a vigilante.

Our source told us is that Tony goes to Peter Parker specifically to recruit him, and to seal the deal, offers him an advanced Spider-suit to fight in — an upgrade from whatever 15-year-old Peter was previously slinging around in. But why would Peter even consider such an offer? "Peter started becoming Spidey because he grew up and idolized Tony," our source revealed. "Since Iron Man takes place 10 years before we meet Peter in Civil War, where Peter is 15, that means Peter was five-years-old when Tony broke onto the scene in the original Iron Man, likely dominating the news as Peter grew into a teenager. If the guy you admire and look up to suddenly shows up on your balcony with a sweet piece of tech and says, 'Hey, let’s be bros,' are you going to turn him down?"

So there you have it: Peter Parker joins up because Tony calls upon him in his hour of need. Of course, none of this has been confirmed by Marvel, but this plotline jives with what happens in the comics (Peter sides with Tony there, too), so it would make sense. What happens after Spidey joins Stark's team is anyone's guess.