The Shannon Noll story follows an unusual trajectory. A series of wooden performances and a limited vocal range somehow landed the boy from regional NSW second place on the inaugural Australian Idol series. This lead to a wildly successful run of top-ten singles and an estimated 1.3 million records sold.

After four years at the top spawning three highly successful albums, the wild ride ended abruptly for Noll, who plummeted to cringeworthy Radio Rentals TV ads, universally-hated State Of Origin pre-game entertainment and allegedly performing ‘compulsory concerts’ for third graders.

Through the magic of social media, the Noll story isn’t done yet. A steady groundswell of entirely ironic support has been building for the voice of regional Australia. Entire Facebook groups have been established for the gradual memefication of Shannon Noll. It culminated recently with the well-publicised petition to have Noll perform at Groovin The Moo 2016, which has blown this whole thing up and taken the meme mainstream.

How did we get here? Let's recap.