One of the best things about House of Cards is its vicious sense of humor. Despite all the violence, all the scheming, and all the betrayal, the Netflix series never fully abandons its dark comedic tone. Nothing proves this point better than the new teaser trailer for season four of the series.

During the Golden Globes, Netflix aired a commercial that featured Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), our President of the United States, at his most brutal. While this teaser isn't as chatty, it's still pretty damn effective. 

It opens with a bouquet of flowers sitting atop train tracks. It's definitely an allusion to Underwood pushing Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) into the tracks back in season two, but it's more than that. After a subway zooms by, we see a poster of Frank Underwood with the slogan "Putting American Back On Track." Vicious, I tell you.

Season four of House of Cards will air on Netflix Mar. 4. Neve Campbell and Colm Feore will join the cast.