Sydney's recently-opened Hangover Clinic offers a variety of morning-after cures, including IV drips, oxygen and vitamins for those who have popped one too many bottles the night before. 

Australian Medical Association vice president Steven Parnis isn't entirely happy with the establishment however, sharing his concerns that the quick-fix promised by the Hangover Clinic will encourage people to binge drink.

"It may get some people to consider that they can write themselves off and that somehow these people will come to the rescue."

Co-owner Max Petro offers a different spin on the clinic though, citing the $95 cost of treatment as a strong enough deterrent for the average drinker, who may be flush with fluids but not with funds. He also claims the clinic is freeing up valuable hospital resources. 

"Some people have gone to the lengths of going to an emergency ward and saying 'I feel really sick, can I get some fluids? Can I get some oxygen?'" 

"And to the extent that we offer a service where people can come in and get a drip, it takes the pressure off people wasting hospital resources."

Ultimately, Sydneysiders will decide if the Hangover Clinic is right for their city. The AMA's Dr Parnis clearly wants to see doors shutting at the Surry Hills business though, and isn't afraid to throw some serious shade at the Hangover Clinic's resident doctors.

"I think it is not really ethical, is based on misinformation, and it misleads the public, and for all of those reasons I don't think it's the sort of place that I think a self-respecting doctor would want to be."