All hopes of a Deadwood reunion movie have finally willed an apparent miracle into existence. Michael Lombardo, HBO's president of programming, casually confirmed the project to TV Line at a Television Critics Association party earlier this week. "[Deadwood creator David Milch] has our commitment that we are going to do it," Lombardo said. "He pitched what he thought generally the storyline would be — and knowing David, that could change. But it’s going to happen."

Though the film sounds satisfyingly imminent, Lombardo made quite clear that Milch's current priorities do not rest solely on a Deadwood revival. Revealing that Milch is currently working on "another project" but will "turn his attention" to Deadwood shortly after, Lombardo seemed pretty confident that Milch has plenty left to say with these characters:

Of course, Lombardo is certainly no stranger to the art of some well-placed hype quotes. Earlier this week, dude pretty much took the fall for True Detective's relatively less-than-stellar second season. "I take the blame," he told the Frame. "I became too much of a network executive at that point." Maybe use some of that "network executive" ingenuity to keep this Deadwood movie on the fast track to fruition, yeah?