Being old means you basically become a kid again. Besides people waiting on you hand and foot, for better or for worse, you pretty much get to do whatever you want. That couldn't be more evident than in this video of a wheelchair bound grandma—who is presumed to be German—raising a glass to Adolf Hitler. Three times. 

We've all had relatives get racist when they've had one too many drinks over a family dinner (or even worse have been completely sober), but that doesn't seem to be the case here. Possibly suffering from dementia the granny is seen hoisting a shot glass of who knows what as she commands the attention of probably her family at a restaurant. "Prost!" she says (German for "Cheers!") before she says "Heil Hitler" perhaps remembering when she was younger. A man (maybe her grandson) removes the arm he had around her, laughing as the rest of the room bursts into laughter. The grandma might have forgotten she made the toast the first time and goes on to make it twice more, with her grandson less amused each time. After the third time he pushes her arm down probably reprimanding her. Sadly, I don't know German. 

A user under the name "Adolf Hitler" commented on the video posted on YouTube with a heart emoticon. The internet is weird.