Bria Kam and Chrissy Chambers, the YouTube heroes behind the inimitable cinematic achievement Lesbians Touch Penis for the First Time, are back with that gem's inevitable genitalia-centered sequel: Gay Men Touch Vagina for the First Time. "Making this video has been something we have wanted to do for a while," the pair, known in YouTube circles as BriaAndChrissy, tell the Huffington Post. "We wanted to bring awareness to how little we as a people know about our own bodies."



The premise, of course, is quite simple. In the name of body knowledge improvement, a group of gay men individually make physical contact with a vagina. "The video shows how much stock we do put in genitalia as a culture in relation to gender," the self-described "singing duo/lesbian couple​" says. "We're glad that issue is raised. We should have an understanding, safe, and open dialogue about our own bodies and it is through videos like this that those discussions can take place."

Thankfully, BriaAndChrissy's attempt to start a global conversation about genitalia's place in a modern society is definitely working. Of course, these clips' growing popularity is certainly aided by top-shelf reaction shots like this:


And, just as notably, whatever the hell is happening here:


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