Yet another person is adding their name to the mulit-headed beast that is #OscarsSoWhite. What started out as an observation of a melanin-free lineup has now become a divisive issue with actors, directors, writers and other Hollywood elite speaking out in support or frustration.  It even inspired Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez to start #MovementMondays to celebrate latinos in the industry. While the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced new changes to increase their diversity efforts, comedian Deon Cole offered up something much simpler than thatadd new categories.

In a funny segment for Conan, of which he is a writer, Cole proposes some fresh new categories that double as biting commentary on the limited roles available to actors of color. Check out the above video for options like "Best Portrayal of Nelson Mandela" or "Best Minority Ghostbuster and/or Stormtrooper," and then try to imagine a world where the few roles available to white people include slave owners and cultural appropriators.  

History, so fun.