Marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado, so why are Denver cops posing as pot dealers on Facebook? To entrap potheads, duh. CBS4 in Denver broke the story a couple days ago. The police in Denver are trying to close up the black market and lock up anybody who doesn't purchase the devil's lettuce from the state's many legal dispensaries. 26-year-old Sean Edelson got himself caught up in a sting operation when he responded to a photo on the social media site.

The post read, “Getting close to peak!! Taking orders now!!,” with Edelson replying back, "I’m the type of person that will take everything, every time." He then met up with the plain clothes policeman looking to exchange $64,000 for 36 pounds of some of the finest piff, or so he thought. They arrested him on the spot.

During their investigation CBS4 obtained Denver Police Department policy documents that try to prevent this sort of thing. Investigators must show sufficient evidence that the suspects have shown drug dealer behavior. However, former prosecutor Karen Steinhauser feels it's hard for a suspect to prove entrapment saying,

“Would they be likely to commit this offense even if a police officer didn’t pose as an undercover person selling.”

Edelson may be out of luck, though, as his place was searched after he got himself caught up. Cops found money, weed, and hash-making equipment and learned the culprit moved from New York to Colorado for the trees. We hope his lawyer money wasn't tied up in those 64 bands. He's gonna need a good one.