The cultural impact of Back to The Future is still felt today 35 years since the first film hit the big screen. Just last year Nike brought back the Air MAGs and we’re still obsessed with the idea of hoverboards (because the ones we have now DO NOT hover).

Now it turns out that the DeLorean, the car that started Marty McFly and Doc Brown on their crazy adventure, will be returning to our the roads in early 2017, unfortunately it won’t come with any time travelling capabilities. 

According to the DeLorean Motor Company’s (DMC) CEO, Stephen Wynne, he says “It's fantastic. It is a game-changer for us. We've been wanting this to happen… It means we're back as a car company again”. Wynne wants the DMC to manufacture replica 1982 DeLoreans on US soil under a low-volume manufacturing bill approved by the federal government. Additionally Wynne and his company have no plans to change the the iconic design either stating:

“There's no reason to change the appearance of the car. As we go into the program, we'll decide what areas need to be freshened up.”

We won’t sugar coat it for you though, the prices are steep. A refurbished DeLorean will set you back at least $45,000 - $50,000 (£31,444 – £34,938) whilst a new model will be selling for less than $100,000 (£69,876).

[Via Hypebeast]