Good Morning America, though generally regarded here in the States as pretty lame and oddly depressing, is still kind of a big deal in Chile. Their own Good Morning Everyone, essentially their take on Good Morning America but with a far better title, is currently sliding into headlines across the world thanks to a recent wardrobe mishap that's just mild enough to give them some decent PG-13 bonus points.

The video, obtained by the Daily Mail, captures the moment Chilean reporter Bernardita Middleton briefly loses control of a crucial element of clothing while broadcasting live from the coastal city of Reñaca. As always, this not-that-big-of-a-deal mishap can be blamed on the the in-studio anchors who apparently dared Middleton to go for an impromptu swim.

"In truth I wasn’t going to go in the water," Middleton explained shortly after the incident. "The bandeau bikini was a recent present, but I didn’t attach the straps to keep it in place because I had them on my top." Middleton previously made Twitter waves back in 2014, the year Daily Mail notes as the year she humorously proposed to Prince Harry.

Meanwhile, in America: