A man in Chicago can't get an answer on why police officers shot his dog in front of his children, his lawyer tells Courthouse News.

In a lawsuit filed this month against the City of Chicago, Antonie Glasper claims that officers entered his home and ordered him to release his dog instead of allowing him to put it in another room. Then, the suit says, they shot and killed the animal as his 9-year-old daughter and grown son looked on. 

Glasper's lawyer says the Chicago Police Department and other city agencies have either rejected or completely ignored his Freedom of Information Act requests for public records in the case, which could include body camera audio and video of the incident. 

Glasper was arrested on drug charges during that raid, but all of the charges against him were apparently dropped, and the suit says no drugs were found in the home. 

The Chicago Police Department's lack of transparency has been a big topic since the dashcam video showing Chicago police shooting Laquan McDonald was finally released.

After that audio-free video came out, a DNAInfo investigation found that 80 percent of Chicago police dashcams weren't properly recording audio, and many others didn't record video, sometimes due to cops tampering with them on purpose.

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