Winterstorm Jonas, which hit New York with a historic amount of snowfall this weekend, led to an increased percentage in thirst since staying indoors put one thing on people's minds: sex. But surely not everyone was making use of How-to-Get-Laid guides and Ultimate Netflix and Chill guides on their quest to seek out some body warmth on that snowy Saturday. Others still approach snow with a childlike sense of wonder and although that may not mean sledding and snowball fights it includes snowballs of another kind. A car in China was caught on video driving around with a snow penis on top. 

Possibly inspired by Sweden's huge snow penis work of art, which refused to go down no matter how hard officials tried, comes footage of a car in China. The video, posted on Live Leak, shows a white car with an erect snow penis riding on the trunk of the car in the middle of traffic. Information about where in China the video took place is unknown as is what the situation around the snow penis—standing tall way above the car—was. According to the video's description on Live Leak the snow schlong was being transported to a parade in a part of China where "snow is rare." If there's one thing we can agree about internationally it's turning snow into phallic images.