Arrested Development is coming back for a fifth season. You may be asking yourself: What's the hold up? After all season four premiered in 2013. Besides actors conflicting schedules and other typical reasons series creator Mitch Hurwitz revealed Arrested Development has suffered some setbacks when it comes to season five story lines. The biggest setback? George Bluth Sr. was going to be revealed as transgender. The problem is Bluth is played by Jeffrey Tambor who's actually been portraying a transgender woman in Amazon's Golden-Globe winning Transparent since 2014. 

Hurwitz told Deadline the news while discussing season five. In case you're not up on one of the best shows around Tambor stars in Transparent as a transgender woman named Maura, the matriarch of a similarly dysfunctional family like the Bluths. The situation becomes all the more awkward given the rivalry between Netflix, new home to Arrested Development, and Amazon. Besides the aforementioned creative fiasco Hurwitz added that season five will resemble that show that everyone's talking about Making a Murderer given Buster Bluth's current situation and that Lindsay Bluth will continue her plans to build a wall between Mexico and the U.S., now a more realistic plotline than ever.

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