Will Ferrell made a Christmas-themed appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night. Although he wasn't dressed up in his Buddy the Elf outfit (to our disappointment), he came in with blonde hair and a punk-ish Santa Claus outfit. After promising to "crush Kris Kringle" this holiday season, the whole situation got weird.

Ferrell, still assuming his Santa role, went on to give Fallon two well-thought-out presents for his daughters, both babies. He took out two carefully wrapped packages and revealed two gifts that all children under the age of three kill for: a DVD of Law & Order: SVU and a copy of John Grisham's The Firm. The two went on to drink some mulled wine and eat a couple of Swedish meatballs. Keeping up with the spirit of the holidays, Ferrell even offers one of the meatballs to the audience. A real giver.

Ferrell joined Fallon to promote Daddy's Home, a comedy in which he plays a straight edge husband who is trying to be a good father figure to his wife's kids from a previous marriage. It all gets difficult when the kids' father, a motorcycle-riding, greasy-haired Mark Wahlberg, begins to fight for a place in their lives. 

You can watch it all above.