It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (as they say) but in one New York neighborhood, residents aren't too jolly over a penis-shaped light display. The 6-foot penis holiday decoration is displayed on a window in a Williamsburg penthouse that faces the neighborhood.

DNA Info reports that residents not only think the Christmas arrangement is tasteless, but they're even more annoyed that the neighborhood is supposed to be a family-friendly place. Resident Justin Abenchuchan told DNA Info that, "It's rude and vulgar, it's definitely wildly inappropriate." Though, Abenchuchan did admit to capturing a photo that he was planning on sharing with his friends.

A maintenance worker in the area told DNA Info that an older man pointed out the penis light display. He told the publication, "He was pretty disappointed, he didn't know what to tell his grandkids." He's not the only person with kids in the area. Alyson Redinger, a parent who lives near the penthouse told DNA Info, "I don't think it's right for a family-friendly neighborhood." 

And while people are upset and unsure how to explain the xxx-mas display to their children, a person who lived in the apartment with the inappropriate lights said his roommate decorated the window last weekend. The unidentified man told DNA Info, "It's a joke." In fact, he didn't even think about how the neighborhood would react when asked about concerns of residents with kids. "It's hasn't come up."