I promise this only sounds like the beginning of a really offensive stand-up joke: A man in Saudi Arabia might have to divorce his wife after the woman was spotted kissing a camel.

Yes, this is really happening. Here's the beginning of a report from the Daily Mail.

The family of a man in Saudi Arabia have demanded he divorce his wife after his mother witnessed his bride kissing a camel.

Bizarrely, the woman’s mother-in-law was left furious after witnessing the exchange and her demands to end the marriage have prompted a massive family dispute.

So many questions! Why is this lady sooo mad? Was the woman in bed with the camel when this happened. Was there tongue involved? Did the mother-in-law want the camel for herself? What was this woman (and this camel) wearing?

It sounds like it was pretty innocent. The wife reportedly said she was kissing the camel because "she was happy with the income the animals were generating,” not because of some kind of twisted hump fetish or something. 


...her furious mother-in-law considered it a breach of social and religious norms and demanded her son divorce her.

According to the news site, the woman moved back to her own family’s home and was now reluctant to return to her husband because she felt her mother hated her.

The couple stated they wished to remain together, but she felt her mother-in-law was using the camel kiss as an excuse to attack her.

Hopefully the wife will at least get the camel in the divorce settlement.