After taking a Nissan Altima belonging to his dad’s girlfriend on a bit of a joy ride, this 13-year-old boy apparently decided the joy wasn’t quite palpable enough. In a statement obtained by FOX 2 Detroit, the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office said a deputy attempted to pull over the vehicle near Clinton Township after several reports of "erratic driving."

Though he initially came to a stop after the deputy flipped on the flashers, the 13-year-old quickly sped away before the deputy had approached the car, officially kicking off a full-on police chase. The chase continued its careening path to ultimate failure before losing control and coming to a sudden halt.


In a move that proves he had probably seen his fair share of police chases on YouTube, the kid then sprinted from the vehicle and attempted a getaway on foot. Surprisingly, that didn't quite work out. Also, for what it’s worth, this kid had his 8-year-old sister with him. He is currently being held at the Macomb Juvenile Justice Center. The status of his dad's girlfriend's Altima is unknown.