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Whether you’re a top-shelf Grinch (Hi!) or a full-blown holiday zealot, the month of December presents unique forms of stress for everyone. Thankfully, we are currently living in the future (?) and can avoid the droves of insufferable goofs lurking in malls across America by simply shopping online.

When our coveted items of materialistic emptiness finally arrive in brown boxes on our doorsteps, we are always confident that nothing is broken or otherwise irreparably damaged because surely all delivery drivers are just absolutely thrilled with the reality of likely delivering approximately 43 trillion boxes a day. 

Actually, you know what? None of that is true. Just ask the Oahu UPS driver taking his holiday rage out on (presumably) other people’s gifts in the Daily Dot-obtained video above. Dude throws, kicks, and otherwise mishandles the packages in a way that only December could inspire. 

"This is not how we train our drivers," UPS said in a statement to KHON. "UPS emphasizes delivery care and safety for placement of packages in vehicles and handling, despite a busy day and increased volume at this time of year. We identified the driver, took corrective action and have been engaged with the customer at this delivery location."

Anyway, watch the dude above display exactly how UPS doesn't train their drivers while simultaneously providing the perfect visual metaphor for the season.