The Star Wars franchise has released some incredible video games, including last month's release of Star Wars: Battlefront. However, not all Star Wars games have been great. Gameranx has rounded up the top 10 worst Star Wars video games of all time

With Star Wars: Force Awakens in full swing, fans can reminisce on the not-so-good video games they used to play. From Kinect Star Wars to Star Wars: Yoda Stores, Gameranx rounded up the most entertaining and painfully flawed games of the franchise, but thankfully, they're just a thing of the past.

Masters of Teras–Kasi had so much potential to be a great fighting game, especially since you had the option to play your favorite character but Gameranx points out the game was half-baked. "There wasn't really much combo." While the fighting sequences may have disappointed you, at least you could fight as Darth Vader. 

Kinect Star Wars also made the list. Not only was the advertising misleading, but there was a lot of dancing in it. It had a Just Dance vibe, except when Han Solo and his backup dancers busted a move, they looked more like the Backstreet Boys than the Rebel Alliance.

We don't want to ruin all of the fun. Check out the full video clip above.