Before we dive into this endlessly fascinating map revealing what each state Googled more than others in 2015, we must send a message of hope out to the good people of Wisconsin. According to the best estimates of Estately, a lot of Wisconsinites spent at least a small portion of 2015 tragically having absolutely no clue what the word "bae" meant.

Washington wisely concentrated its 2015 Googling efforts toward the late actor Leonard Nimoy, a commendable decision by any measurement, but certainly made more remarkable by the fact that their neighbors seemed far more concerned with wolves and vaccines. Just so we're absolutely clear here, other states were Googling Star Trek legends and wolves while Wisconsin fell further down the bae rabbit hole.

To arrive at these findings, Estately says they "ran hundreds of search terms through Google Trends" to find out what (or who) people in each state searched for with more frequency than people in any other state. Two of Georgia's leading searches, the whip dance and the stanky leg, further solidify the assertion that we are a nation concerned with really getting the most out of our digital lives: Honoring late Star Trek legends. Avoiding wolves. Something about vaccines. Doing the stanky leg. 


Come on, Wisconsin.

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