The Walking Dead, which is once again about to be a show on television that people watch, quietly let its midseason premiere trailer out of hype prison late Wednesday night. As true Dead heads will recall, the AMC juggernaut practically conned the world with the faux death of (MILD SPOILER ALERT IF YOU'RE THE SORT OF PERSON WHO LAMELY WAITS AN EMBARRASSINGLY LONG AMOUNT OF TIME TO JOIN MAJOR CULTURAL MOMENTS) Glenn Rhee.

Given that knowledge, this trailer (sparsely sprinkled with new footage) is either loaded with obvious spoilers or intentional fake-outs. However, Rick Grimes is clearly rocking a mean hatchet here, which is either a metaphor for post-apocalyptic emotionalism or just a potentially show-altering scene straight out of the comics.

The Walking Dead is set to return for a proper midseason premiere event on Feb. 14, so go ahead and cancel those pesky and ultimately inconsequential Valentine's Day plans. As a wise person once said, zombies > love.