The holiday classic gingerbread house gets an upgrade with this gingerbread hotel—an ode to Stanley Kubrick's equally classic The Shining. (Fact: the hotel that inspired The Shining's set is in the process of becoming a horror museum.) The entirely edible horror-inspired treat made waves when Reddit user eudicotyledon posted about the creative confection including photos. "My family made a gingerbread rendition of the Overlook Hotel from Kubrick's The Shining, complete with a rice crispie treat maze and interior rooms depicting famous scenes," wrote eudicotyledon. Here's what we know about the "almost 4-foot long" (per eudicotyledon) a-maze-ing work of art.

The masterfully recreated hotel captures the unspeakable horrors of room 237 and beyond with characters and details like paintings, wallpapers. It reportedly took two weeks to build. In it fans of the film can enjoy scenes like the very gif-able blood rushing from the elevator scene. Yes, the blood is edible but I won't tell you what it’s made of and ruin the magic. You'll have to find out yourself when you check out the rest of the gingerbread hotel. Chew on some of the photos below: