The leading thought for anyone who has ever looked up at a window cleaner as he or she calmly carried out their business while quite high in the sky is, most likely, some variation of "Wow. What would they do if they slipped?" Thankfully, such horror rarely occurs and is thus just a passing thought for those chronically afraid of heights. However, as shown in this footage obtained by the Mirror, even the most skilled of window cleaners are not completely above making a small but detrimental error.

The footage, reportedly captured by someone witnessing the incident as it transpired, shows the unidentified man reportedly dangling helplessly while 15 stories high in the Russian city of Novosibirsk. With his shirt blocking his view and ability to quickly problem-solve his way out of a harrowing mishap, the man is forced to scream for help until a neighbor eventually breaks down a door and pulls him to safety.

The scariest part? The man was allegedly left dangling for "around 30 minutes," the Mirror reports. Witnesses reportedly called local authorities after noticing the man needed assistance, though the neighbors actually beat them to the rescue. Here's to hoping this guy is taking it easy for the rest of the week.