In the wake of recent ISIS-associated tragedies across the planet, many politicians and celebrities alike have voiced their opinions on how exactly to combat the extremist militant group. Sarah Palin, failed vice-presidential candidate and noted struggle celeb, passionately urged the United States to omit all the "namby-pamby." Donald Trump, well, he definitely said some things on the fringes of the ISIS debate but let's just not even both republishing them here. Stephen Colbert, a former (meta) presidential candidate in his own right, has a far more interesting theory: drugs.


In light of recent reports that some ISIS members are frequent users of an amphetamine-fueled "go pill" that makes them feel invincible in the heat of an attack, Colbert suggested we simply fight drugs with drugs, only better ones. "Less of the spiders on your face, stabby drugs," Colbert theorized, "and more of the peace and love drugs."

"Peace and love drugs," of course, is a finer category of substances including MDMA and must-have accessories such as glow sticks and pacifiers.

Hey, Stephen. Want to run for president again?