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Last night Chris Hemsworth hosted Saturday Night Live. While he had his moments, including a bit where he wears a dress and plays Claire, a young girl who happens to be a Chris Hemsworth fan, the best sketch of the night didn't feature the Australian actor. With just a few days left until Star Wars: The Force Awakens makes its way to theaters, the SNL team gave us another look at the sci-fi universe, particularly at its very dedicated fandom.

The sketch, which takes the form of a commercial, shows two young boys playing with Star Wars collectibles. Suddenly, Taran Killam, Bobby Moynihan, and Kyle Mooney appear as three geeks who give new meaning to the "ages six and up" label that comes with the toys. There's a joke about collectibles themselves, and as the young kids play with their toys, the older ones assert that it's best not to take them out of their boxes. The greatest part, however, is when one of the kids ask Killam's geek about his marital status. A close-up of Killam's face with dark side music playing in the background is golden. Moynihan also makes really great noises, as he attempts to show one of the boys how to properly land one of the ships.

It's pretty silly stuff, but it was nice to get a moment with three of the show's best cast members.