Former AFL player agent Ricky Nixon was arrested on Wednesday after a highly inappropriate comment made on Facebook in reference to a two-year-old girl. In an alleged online spat with a random woman and her son, he decided to shoot back at their criticism of him by posting a photo of the woman’s two-year-old granddaughter and implying that the child would be his “next fuck”.

Nixon was recently vindicated by a court win against “St Kilda schoolgirl” Kim Duthie, who was attempting to block the release of his autobiography, as it detailed their relationship in 2011 when she was 17 years old, and he was 47.

The incident on Facebook led to him being arrested for a “telecommunications offence” in Bay Street, Port Melbourne, The woman filed a complaint to police on Wednesday. According to a police spokesperson, Nixon has since been released pending further investigations. Naturally, he tried to backpedal in regards to the comments, but social media has managed to document the matter already; you can check some tweets that showcase the incident below.