2015 has proven a particularly storied year for Quentin Tarantino, with The Hateful Eight's long road to existence finally coming to a predictably controversy-laced end just as digital natives the world over scrambled to compile their divisive year-end lists. The Hateful Eight, though certainly not Tarantino's strongest offering, still managed to fight its way onto many of these lists (including our own). But what about Tarantino's choice for the best movie of the year?

"I got a print of [Mad Max: Fury Road] on 35mm and I watched it in my house," Tarantino said when pressed by Premiere for his pick on the Hateful Eight red carpet, IndieWire reports. "And I had it all weekend, and I ended up watching it three different times."

Admitting he hadn't seen as many movies this year due to being slammed with Hateful Eight-related duties, Tarantino also explained his initial hesitance to see Fury Road at all. "I resisted seeing it, for a while, because I was like 'Mad Max? Without Mel Gibson? Forget that.' In a world where Mel Gibson exists, how can you cast Tom Hardy? Then I saw the movie. 'Okay, it’s terrific.' And he’s pretty good in it, I have to admit."

That's a really great choice, Quentin. Also, for what it's worth, Tom Hardy writes really great letters.

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