Independent Star Trek filmmakers aren’t the only ones being sued for copyright infringement these days. After accusations of misogyny for his latest flick The Hateful Eight, Quentin Tarantino is now facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit over 2012’s Django Unchained.

Writers Oscar Colvin Jr. and Torrance J. Colvin are suing the Inglorious Basterds director along with The Weinstein Company and Columbia Pictures for allegedly stealing the concept from their screenplay, Freedom, which they describe as a "uniquely original concept."

"Before Django Freeman, there was an escaped slave named Jackson Freeman who desired to purchase his family’s freedom from a malevolent plantation owner," the suit reads, according to TheWrap. "Before Dr. Schultz, there was Samson, another white man, who would assist Mr. Freeman in his efforts to rescue his loved one(s) from slavery."

The Colvins say they submitted Freedom to the William Morris Agency and even discussed having Tarantino on as director. They also claim to have registered the script with the Writers Guild of America in 2004, Variety reports.

The lawsuit, which was filed in a federal court in Washington, D.C., maintains that the duo "provided the heart, bones and muscles to develop the unique idea that eventually would be transformed into Django Unchained." They even used Tarantino’s past words against him, quoting him as saying "I steal from every single movie ever made."

They are seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.