When you’re half a world away from home, technology is literally a lifeline. That’s been the case for Ellie Gonsalves, who moved to America from Australia about a year ago, leaving behind a vast group of family, friends, and collaborators in the process. 

Ellie had good reasons for doing so. Her modeling career was continuing to skyrocket, while her film career was starting to take off as well, so coming to the States just seemed to make a whole lot of sense. But Los Angeles is pretty far from Brisbane, Australia, and the possibility of becoming isolated was pretty daunting. Fortunately for Ellie, technology has been a true savior.

“Technology has been amazing,” she says. “It really just helps me keep in contact with everyone I love back in Australia.” And that’s precisely why her Toshiba Radius 12 Laptop is never far from her side. It’s multi-functionality helps Ellie keep connected in whatever ways she needs. Whether it’s using the laptop function to reply to a long list of emails or flipping it into tablet mode so she can video chat with friends back home (not to mention scroll through some gorgeous pics from her latest shoot), the Radius 12’s versatility matches that of Ellie’s diverse career.

And it’s not just family and friends Ellie stays connected with, but her numerous fans as well. “I try to share as much as I can,” she says, “because, at the end of the day, your supporters are the people who make you.” It’s this kind of inclusive attitude that may explain how Ellie has grown such a vast network of devoted social media followers.

Beyond the personal, Ellie uses her Radius 12 to stay connected professionally as well, whether it’s with photographers, directors (she just wrapped her first feature film), or the crew at Wildlife Warriors, an Australian conservation charity, which Ellie serves as a global ambassador for. 

One thing is for sure: While Ellie’s striking looks may have helped make her famous, her aspirations and abilities go well beyond being a pretty face. It’s tough to know what to expect next from someone who wears so many hats, but it’s fair to say that, whatever it is, it’s definitely going to be pretty interesting.

For more on how Ellie Gonsalves keeps everything connected, be sure to watch the video above, presented by Toshiba.