Earlier this month, Bacardi brought together an eclectic group of artists and influencers in the City of Brotherly Love for an incredibly interesting and deeply insightful roundtable discussion. Moderated by radio and TV personality Nessa, the evening’s guests spanned the worlds of art, music, food, and entertainment, including: DJ Clark Kent, Rapper/DJ/Artist Melo X, Chef Roblé Ali, and photographer Conrad Benner.  

The focus of the conversation was on how the hustle that these artists brought to their passions helped get them to where they are now—and how maintaining that drive is crucial for each of them to refine their respective crafts further. While each guest discussed his own personal experiences and journey, the group as a whole addressed the larger question of what it actually means to be an artist today—and how technology, social media, and the blurring of lines between mediums have all had a major impact. In the end, everyone has his or her own story, but it’s pretty fascinating to see how similar the roads to becoming an artist really are—the inspirations, the difficulties, the passion, and the pitfalls. 

One thing is clear: These guys all fuel the hustle day in and day out.

Be on the lookout for the #BacardiHouseParty tour, which is currently making the rounds of several of the country’s hottest cities. Yours could be next!