Despite what some people have said, we are unfortunately not living in a post-racial America. These past few years have demonstrated that issues of race continue to affect many in this country, in everything from police profiling and brutality, to black-on-black crime. But amidst all the strife, it’s important to remember one crucial fact: We are all human.

This is the message behind the new short film 11xHuman, a purposeful project that shines a light on the mounting tension in America’s urban communities—with the hope of uniting our citizens, not dividing them. The title calls to mind the difficulties those communities have been facing these past few years, as the 11 refers to how many times Eric Garner repeated the phrase “I can’t breathe” while police officers held him down. 

Narrated by Killer Mike, the six-minute film is presented by key team members of AKOO Clothing Company, including co-founders T.I. and Jason Geter, Creative Director Ralph Reynolds, and VP of Marketing Sabai Burnett. "I believe we as a species can exist and interact peacefully and with love and compassion for all,” says Killer Mike. “We can, we must. We will. This film is a powerful reminder of that."

AKOO, which derives its name from the acronym "A King of Oneself," is a unique clothing label catering to men and women who regard fashion as a compliment to their ambition and prowess. 

"We're all very excited about this project,” T.I. said in a statement. “11xHuman gave us an opportunity to express ourselves in a creative manner and…artistically present a film that continues the conversation around race, violence, and the overall urban decay taking place in this country.”

11xHuman debuted on AKOO’s website,, on Friday, Dec. 4, and is available for all who want to watch. And be sure to check back for the follow-up piece 11XHUMAN: The Conversation, featuring interviews with notable celebrities such as DJ Ebro, Felicia “Snoop” Pearson (The Wire), and others.