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Primark’s ridiculously low prices means that you might let their garms slide a little in terms of quality, especially if you’re just getting cheap underwear or something. But what you don’t expect is to find a disturbing note describing torture and imprisonment.

That’s what Twitter user Distxtse discovered in a pair of socks her dad bought from Primark in Huddersfield. And the content of the note is pretty damn bleak. The translation says that is written by a 34-year-old man named Ting Kun Ding, who says he has been kidnapped, imprisoned against his will, and subjected to torture. He also stated that his father has been murdered and his wife has been locked up in a mental institute.

Primark replied on Twitter, saying they are investigating.

This isn’t the first time something like this has been found—in 2014 a similar note was discovered in a pair of trousers from a Primark store in Belfast, saying that prison inmates were forced to work 15 hour days making clothes.