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A Catholic priest in New York City is being sued by his current and former churches for allegedly stealing more than $1 million from them in total and spending a lot of it on his body-builder sex partner. 

A lawsuit filed by those churches claims that Rev. Peter Miqueli, 53, spent about $1,000 per sex session with the younger man, Keith Crist, who made the priest call him "master" and drink his pee, the New York Daily News reports. The priest even bought a house in New Jersey for the men to share and installed a hot tub, the lawsuit claims.

Miqueli is accused of stealing money that was mean to be used to repair an organ as well as taking funds from a church thrift store. He used that money to take trips to Italy and Florida, the lawsuit says. It also claims that the priest was getting high on drugs supplied to him by a church member. 

A lawyer representing the churches said that there have been allegations against Miqueli for more than a decade and that the total could come close to $2 million. 

Crist's ex-girlfriend was reportedly the one who told the church about his affair with Miqueli. 

Miqueli is still currently the pastor at Saint Frances de Chantal in the Bronx, the report said.