It’s 1:30 a.m. on the outskirts of rainy Villach, Austria. Within the cold cement walls of a sprawling industrial private home (that looks more like an architectural Frankenstein’s monster than a family house), Austria and Germany’s most beautiful twentysomethings in wool coats and toboggan hats are shadow dancing to DJ Steve Aoki on the decks. Also in attendance? Eric Koston, Louie Vito, and a few more professional athletes. No, this isn’t some hip party we found ourselves in half way across the world. It’s simply one of the many sets for Warner Bros.’ upcoming action-thriller Point Break

A remake of the 1991 Kathryn Bigelow cult classic that made Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze legends, the film keeps the essence of the original story. This time, however, Luke Bracey straps in as Johnny Utah, the young FBI agent who infiltrates a team of cunning athletes masterminding a string of eco-terrorists attacks led by wolf pack leader Bodhi, played by Edgar Ramirez. Teresa Palmer also stars as Samsara, who more than the co-leads’ love interest serves as the wolf pack’s guiding light.

Unlike the original, this film, directed by Ericson Core, whose previous credits include being the director of photography for The Fast and The Furious, surfs way more the breaks of sunny California. Shooting locations span the globe, with scenes taking place everywhere from Teahupoo, Tahiti to Venezuela’s Angel Falls.

In between filming the party scene—where Utah attempts to get closer with the wolf pack during a meeting with their financiers—Ramirez, Bracey, Palmer, along with producer Andrew Kosove, sat down with the roundtable of press to chat about staying true to the original, their connection to their characters, and what the movie says about today’s society.