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So Lego have this ‘Mindstorm’ sets, which come with actual programmable computer chip, so grown-ass adults can make working robots and stuff. Out of Lego (Seriously, when exactly did it become acceptable for adults to play with Lego?).

YouTube Lego builder Astonishing Studios has however has put the set to good use: they have made a real, working McDonald’s vending machine. Put in a €2 coin, and out comes a box of six McNuggets, along with a tub of sauce. It’s pretty dope, though—however, not letting you pick your choice of sauce is a fatal error. Nobody wants to be given sweet & sour when you just want the classic Heinz ketchup, right?

Thinking about it, we need proper McD’s vending machines in the real world. They have dabbled in them before, but how much easier would hangovers be if you could get a McMuffin from those machines in the station, or your office lobby, or the college common room. Make it happen yo, and not out of Lego.

[via Design Taxi]