UPDATE (12/26/15 4:45 p.m.):

It seems Kylie and Tyga aren't quite ready to settle down just yet. Jenner addressed Saturday's rumors of her possible engagement on her app, saying that the massive stone she trolled us with didn't signal wedding bells. However she did seem to insinuate that the ring may have been a gift from Tyga. Here's what she posted, according to People:

Every year my Mom throws a huge Christmas Eve party and this year's was so fun (and sparkly)! It was really special to end such a big year celebrating with all of my friends and family ... and with an extra special gift from a special someone.

"Extra special" may be an understatement here? In any event, she added, "And NO, I'm not engaged." So that's certainly a relief.

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As most of us were scrolling through our Instagram feeds yesterday and attempting to ignore the influx of diamond rings announcing the engagements of acquaintances, one managed to catch the attention of the Internet: the small island that appeared on Kylie Jenner's right, and then left hand across her social media channels. Is Kylie Jenner engaged to Tyga, some of us wondered. Others (hi, it me) wondered how in the world any 18-year-old can be trusted with a (diamond?) that size. Here's the picture that launched a thousand tweets:

Note that the picture shows the ring on her right hand. She later tweeted a similar one:

But then, in picture on her Snapchat, the ring on appeared on her left hand. Via Cosmopolitan:

This is all very suspect, indeed. People have pointed out that the print on Kylie's hat would indicate that the Snap is flipped, but still—who rocks a ring that large for kicks?

There has been so much back-and-forth about the foundation of Kylie and Tyga's relationship recently that it's really anyone's guess as to what's happening with those two. But here's what we do know: Tyga reportedly moved out of Kylie's house mansion recently; then Kylie went on Ellen to address the rumors of their breakup, saying they were definitely still together; we also know from her recent Interview cover story that her social media feeds are carefully curated to give the people what they want.

So who knows? Maybe she's just a wealthy af teen with a penchant for gaudy jewelry?