John Boyega might need to get some new friends. The newly minted Star Wars star told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that he had to keep his role in The Force Awakens so completely under wraps that he couldn't even tell his friends about it. Although he was away every day for two years filming The Force Awakens, Boyega's friends somehow thought he was just an extra in the film. 

Did they not see the trailers? Turn a blind eye to every poster? Ignore Boyega's entire press tour? Luckily they figured things out when Boyega brought them en masse to the London Premiere—Fallon shows some truly adorable footage of Boyega and his bros ballin' out on the red carpet. "You look like you're enjoying yourself," Fallon said. "You should enjoy yourself!" 

"Yes, damnit," Boyega said. "This is never going to happen again." Until the sequel.