That amazing FKA twigs collaboration aside, the public launch of Google Glass in 2014 was practically dripping with controversy and criticism. Though a lot of the seemingly excessive hate that was so consistently hurled at Glass was admittedly unwarranted, the would-be leap in the future of wearable technology was quickly soiled by its downright clunky design. As the legend goes, Glass was discontinued in January of this year before being renamed Project Aura ahead of a rumored redesign. If a recently granted patent is any indication of the shape of Glass to come, then that redesign might actually be worth the public's excitement.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Google a patent in November for a "wearable device with input and output structures" that many are speculating will serve as a revived Glass, according to Mashable. "The device also includes image generating means within the band for generating an image presentable to the user on the display," the patent reads, revealing a design that appears to update the device for everyone simply not into the idea of something clunky resting on their face:

Google / Mashable

Much better.

It's worth noting that, as patent-inspired speculation usually goes, there's a chance this proposed device may never become anything at all. However, Google making a conscious effort to make the wearable device far less intrusive (and, subsequently, more attractive) would most certainly appear to be the path to success.

Come on back, Google Glass. You've earned a second chance.