The Artist Formerly Known as Jimmy Brooks took a quick trip down throwback lane on Wednesday, summoning the powers of Degrassi nostalgia for a ‘gram so packed with joy that reading any of these sentences is probably proving difficult for mega-fans:

While presumably still busy putting in long hours on Views From the 6, Drake made some time to laugh gregariously on a couch alongside Andrea Lewis. As true Degrassi heads will note, Lewis played Jimmy’s old flame Hazel for several seasons. Despite whatever else 2015 has taught us about love and heartbreak and everything in between, fictional love still appears to be a pretty powerful thing.

Of course, quick Degrassi reunions (mini or otherwise) are nothing new for the reigning 6ix God. Earlier this year, Drake reunited with some fellow Degrassi titans including Lauren CollinsDaniel Clark, and Adamo Ruggiero at a screening for the web series We Are Disorderly.

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