Disney announced its plan to build a Star Wars land at its Disney park on the Gold Coast during the summer. At the time it was reported the Star Wars expansion would become the largest historically with 14 acres. Making space for the new Stars Wars park is going to take some Disneyland attractions closing down.

Mashable reports, citing the Los Angeles Times, that the following attractions will shutter their doors forever on Jan. 10: Big Thunder Ranch, Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue, Big Thunder Ranch petting zoo, and Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree. While some mourn the passing of these rides just know they’re making way for possible Star Wars rides including one where a person can commandeer the iconic Millennium Falcon and another about the climax of Star Wars: The Force Awakens—according to Kyle Buchanan who attended the Anaheim fan expo where Star Wars land was announced. 

Other park attractions will be closed temporarily during construction for Star Wars land: the Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes, the Disneyland Railroad, Fantasmic, the Mark Twain Riverboat, the Sailing Ship Columbia, and the Pirates Lair on Tom Sawyer Island.

A date for the completed project hasn't been announced.