As we emphasized tirelessly when we dropped our lists for the best movies and TV shows of 2015 (both really good lists! Go read them!), there was almost too much to chose from. Especially when it came to television, the amount of quality programming exceeded the amount that one human could probably watch. So in a sense, our "Best of" lists are summaries and amalgamations of how the Complex staff came down on the big and small screen products this year, but they in no way fully encapsulated everything we were fucking with.

Which is why we had to bring you this—a breakdown of every Pop Culture staff members' (and a few former staff members' and frequent contributors') personal year-end preferences. Just check out the variation in these lists and you'll get an idea of how heated our discussions on 2015's movies and TV got. 

Also, sorry but not sorry about forcing you to expand your queue again.

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