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Silly Americans have let pets become their rulers (making it one step easier for them to kill us), just take this dog mayor that's running for president. But Americans aren't the only ones letting four-legged critters dip their paw into politics: a cat could become mayor of a Russian city.

The city of Barnaul in western Siberia is holding a mayoral election and Barsik the Siamese cat has clawed the competition. Barnaul's previous mayor, Igor Savintsev, was fired for corruption. Petr Frisen is currently sitting in for the position. According to the Daily Mail a "local internet group" entered the feline (not pictured above) into the election using Russian social media website Vkontakte. Before the real election took place an online poll was supposed to "find the new mayor." Barsik (and a picture of Barsik) was put into the online poll against six human candidates. Over two thousand people reportedly voted in the poll and Barsik won in a landslide with almost 90 percent. 

Barsik's also won tons of social media support after winning the poll with people on Russian social media writing, "Go, Barsik" and "Barsik rules." Besides possibly having Barsik turn on the people there's no cons to electing the furry friend, except for it being easily spooked, but that'll be handled in time.